Why Hamilton is Refusing to Sign a Contract?

The 7th time F1 world champion is yet to sign an undertaking with his team

In the field of Formula One, Lewis Hamilton is the biggest name of the last decade. The 36-year-old racer from England has earned seven F1 world championship titles, evening up the testimony of another racing maestro, Michael Schumacher. For his impeccable driving skills and many wonderful records, Hamilton was rewarded a knighthood by the government of Britain. However, Sir Lewis Hamilton has landed himself in a notable controversy that is unlikely to resolve shortly.

After representing the Mercedes AMG Petronas racing team for ages, Sir Hamilton has refused to sign a contract extension with them. In 2013, Sir Lewis joined the Silver Arrow, a side with no progress in F1, and the movement was considered as a wager. However, the British racer brought prosperity to his side and community. So, after having a gala time with the Mercedes AMG Petronas team, why Sir Hamilton is refusing to sign a contract with them?

Sir Hamilton and his shocking demands

There’s no doubt that Sir Hamilton is the best F1 driver in the world right now and therefore, it is challenging for any organization to afford him. Sir Hamilton has declined to confirm an undertaking with his old team because he produced a few lofty demands in his latest contract. To start with, Sir Hamilton has demanded a four-year contract extension with a payroll of 50 million dollars per season. In his second demand, he has urged a 10 per cent extra share if Mercedes AMG wins any championship. Apart from financial appeals, Sir Hamilton has requested for a bigger position in the team. In brief, he aspires to have a chair in the board office. Last but not least, he has asked for a limited production AMG One car.

What’s next?

At present, Mercedes is trying to negotiate with Sir Hamilton and they are hoping to capture his signature on the contract. The 2021 F1 season will commence in March and before that, Mercedes has to confirm Hamilton. In case Sir Lewis Hamilton decides not to sign the contract, he will have to retire from F1 as all the other organizations have already recruited their operators. As for Mercedes, their junior backup driver George Russell is their last and ultimate hope.

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