Why Homeschooling your Children isn’t a Bad Idea after all?

Education is a perceptional term for everyone. Given that formal studies do not always ‘educate’ a child, many parents are more at ease with homeschooling their kids than enrolling them in a traditional school. Their argument is valid. Every child is different than the other, and it is somewhat unfair to judge their individuality in a one-size-fits-all education system.

Homeschooling ensures children remain under the tutelage of their parents who take full responsibility for the schooling of their kids. We realize that it is not easy and requires a lot of dedication and patience from the parents’ side. However, this type of education comes with its happy aspects. Allow us to convince you about it.

Academic Equal to School goers 

Homeschooled kids fare better than the average school going kids in the various standardized tests. The studies have proven that homeschooled kids perform better than school-goers in multiple aspects. They are also able to do reasonably well in cracking and acing entrance exams just like school kids. Repeated research has pointed out that homeschoolers outshine the traditional school-going children at the academic level.

Bespoke Pedagogy for Every Child

The parents can evaluate the strength and weakness of their kids, enabling them to tailor the curriculum according to the specific requirements of the child. It saves the kid from the pressure of being judged in a standard system. It also becomes more accessible to set a schedule for children with special needs or gifted kids who work at their own pace and preference.

Strengthens the Parent-Child Bond

Homeschooling allows you to be near your child and being available round the clock. It provides the much-needed warmth and security to your kid with an assurance that you are always available to look after him/her. Contrary to popular belief, it won’t make the child clingy. You are going to raise her full of confidence and security.

Aids Independent Thought Process

Since the child receives one on one attention from the tutor, the child learns to solve the problems individually and with a unique approach. While in a school, children often lean on to the group validation; homeschooled kids do not pay much heed to peer pressure, making them take their decisions with full responsibility.

To conclude, homeschooling works towards seeking knowledge rather than going after grades. The students tend to bloom in an environment free from bullying, negative influence and group endorsement. Try thinking about it with an open mind; you will surely realize why it is best for your child.

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