Why Imdb ratings should not matter anymore

For many years, film buffs and cinema lovers have been relying on Imdb for movie ratings. It has established itself into a reliable platform where one can check and read the reviews of the audience and can decide whether to watch or not watch the movie.

Whenever a film releases, people wait for it’s review. Gone are the days when people used to purchase the movie tickets in advance. These days, advance booking is done only when a superhero film releases. People nowadays have become more interested and persuaded by words of mouth than anything else. For knowing what people think about a movie, movie lovers have scrolled through Imdb over the years but it is worth knowing that these ratings should not matter anymore. Here are few reasons why.

Reliability of the platform

The platform which we all have used to search hundred best movies of all time and best films ever made is not so reliable these days. It is because the platform is not sacred anymore. It has been hijacked by trolls and haters. Let me tell you how. Imdb is a platform that collects the review about a movie in the form of stars. It was all good before the boycott culture and trolling culture on internet. These days, what people do is they come together and starts sharing negative reviews about a movie on Imdb, sometimes even before its release. This affects the release of the movie and its box office numbers. Also, it prevents people from watching the movie in future.

Quantity vs quality

Imdb is now control by people who form a group and are large in numbers. In a country like India, people in large numbers can either give 10/10 stars to an average movie and make it a worldwide hit or they can reduce the ratings of a movie by giving it negative reviews. For many years, Shawshank Redemption was the highest rated movie on Imdb with its ratings of 9.6 but now many average Indian movies and film shows have surpassed that rating. This is nothing but the hijacking of people’s beloved platform.

Everything is a lie

We are probably living in the worst time for artists and art. The troll culture on internet can make anyone and anything ‘unlikeable’ as per their desire. Take the case of revolutionary movies made by Anurag Kashyap or thr great work done by Alia Bhatt in various movies. They got trolled on internet for various reasons and the ratings of their movies suffered. Everything on Imdb is nothing but a lie these days.

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