Why Indians need to shift their focus from cricket to other games

Indians have focused a lot on cricket and it is high time we concentrate on other games too.

The players deserve it

It is very difficult to be a sportsperson. However, it is more difficult to be a sports person and choosing a sport other than cricket in India. It is because other games and sports do not get the kind of support, love and facilities. The players who are making India proud in different games by winning medals and trophies deserve to be recognized, known and respected. There are many players who win prizes and respect for the country but live their life without any fame or money. It is high time that we actually support these players by not only posting their pictures on social media but by genuinely giving them the support they would want from their country.

Other sports are recognized worldwide

In India, the talk of playing for the country starts with cricket and ends with it. In the recent times, India has made its name n wrestling and badminton but there are any games and sports which deserve the love and support. It is not because they need it but because country needs it. There are many sports which are recognized worldwide and they are a part of the Olympics and commonwealth games. India is not in a very good position in these sports barring one or two. We should see beyond cricket now.


The main reason why we need to focus on other sports rather than cricket is the fact that they are treated unequally. In a country where cricketers are described as gods and are treated as superstars, other athletes are completely neglected by sports authorities and general public. There are o facilities for these athletes on every level. From taking care of their diet to having exercise and training, the players make every effort from themselves without relying on the authorities. We are responsible for this condition as we have cared to other sports and games. The authorities should be made concerned about the condition of the players and other games. It is like movies, filmmakers will make great cinema only when we start appreciating it.

Lost stars

We are a country of talented people but we have lost many gems due to our ignorance. After the advent of social media, many stories have surfaced about our athletes who are living life in poor conditions and are forced to leave the training and the game because of their financial problems. To save them from this, we need to focus on other sports.

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