Why is Daily Routine So Important?

The age-old practice of having a ‘dull routine of existence is the best way to make judicious use of your time. Find out more about it in this story.

As kids, our lives were pretty streamlined with a set time of getting up in the morning, having meals, doing homework, playtime and going to bed. It would rather be a monotonous exercise for most of us, but we had no option but to comply with our fixed schedules. The adults often lack a specific routine in their lives; they usually are clueless about what they will do during the day. It seems a fantastic proposition to live in timelessness in the absence of a routine. However, the joy soon wears out as soon as the tasks seem daunting and goals seem distant, making you anxious, stressed and worn out in the process.

If you have been living a routine free life, it might not be easy to chalk out schedules and work on them.  Experts say that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so you need to only stick to your routine for twenty-one days to drag your disarrayed life into order. And you shall experience more freedom and peace of mind than feeling rigid and bored with a set routine.

Let us look at some more advantages of having a daily routine in our lives.

It makes us more efficient than ever as it saves our need to plan and chalk out our priorities every day. We are automatically prepared to make decisions without undue contemplation. When a particular work is accomplished, we know what next is to be done.

A practical and well-planned routine adds some structure to our lives. Our daily chores become standardized and create a framework to perform our daily activities. It adds a sense of fluidity in life, which makes us comfortable and familiar with life’s goals.

When a particular routine is religiously followed, a person’s self-confidence is boosted. As a result, you draw a sense of immense satisfaction and peace of mind at the end of the day. It helps you sleep better and makes you happy.

Routine helps you deal with stress and depression because you don’t have to worry about pending decisions, deadlines and targets. Time is manageable for you where you find ample time to work, take rest and recreation.

You could work on a schedule that is only applicable during the week and not on weekends. Or you could assign alternative days for a specific routine and keep other days for yourself; the choice is entirely yours if you are fully aware of your options and your long and short term goals.

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