Why is Finland the happiest country in the world?

Finland is a country in Northern Europe, and it is the land that experiences 200 days covered in snow and two long months without a sunset.

According to the World Happiness Report- 2020 published by the UN, Finland is the happiest country in the world. It is the fourth time in a row that Finland has received the title. But why is it so?

Let us look into the possible reasons that make Finland the happiest country to live in the world.

Finns have sisuIt is a local expression to describe their national character- their strong determination, bravery, grit, hardiness, resilience and perseverance. Here, the people have a unique spirit of will, humility, diligence and fortitude, overcoming tough times in life, especially during rough weather conditions.

Finnish people live with uncomplicated freedom. Finland follows the concept that a country is free only if people living there enjoy freedom and independence. You are allowed to roam around freely without much interference- which means you explore the forest areas, camp by the lakeside and enjoy to the fullest.

Finland follows a noble principle- Housing First. Under this value, the country has successfully approached to keep homelessness down. If anyone is found homeless, the government supports them to find a new home. It is probably an effective solution to solve the problem of homelessness.

Finns enjoy free education and healthcare facilities. People living in this country are free from the expenses of the two things in life- education and healthcare. Finland has one of the best education systems in the world. Similarly, the Finnish people get standardised free health care services.

Finnish people live with realistic expectations. They live their life staying close to their roots and don’t rush after fulfilling unwanted desires in life. Finns usually believe in finding happiness in every tiniest success of life. Here, the people are so humble that they don’t go bragging about their happiness or success. Instead, they will keep it to themselves or crack a self-deprecating joke.

Finland allows remote working. Post pandemic might change the work culture around the world, but Finns were already enjoying their work from home hours for over a decade. Work sectors of Finland provide their employees with an option to work on flexible hours and hardly put any restrictions on their choice of workspace. They mainly focus on productivity and teamwork from the preferred working environment.

Does this excite you? If yes, then quickly plan your trip to the world’s happiest country- Finland.

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