Why is rope skipping beneficial for you? Seven things you must know

Many of us loved jumping rope in our childhood days, but are still unaware of its numerous benefits. Scroll down to read more about the incredible health benefits of rope skipping.

Rope skipping is a fun, portable and simple exercise that you can do anywhere. Jumping rope is more effective than the other forms of cardio workout. It has been used by boxers as a form of training to improve their footwork, coordination and general conditioning.

Jumping rope is a good form of physical exercise, which helps you to burn a lot of calories, improves cardiovascular fitness, strengthens bones and develops coordination and motor skills.

Check out these fantastic benefits of rope skipping that is good for your health and fitness.

  1. Burns More Calories
Jumping rope burns more calories than any other form of cardio exercise including jogging, running, swimming and cycling. You can burn 200-300 calories if you are jumping rope for fifteen minutes.
  1. Improves Body Coordination
Rope skipping enhances coordination and balance by requiring several parts of your body to communicate and respond together for completing a movement. Your feet, hands and brain should coordinate well with each other to maintain the continuous jumping motion while skipping.
  1. Enhances Breathing Efficiency
Jumping rope improves breathing efficiency by enhancing body strength and stamina.
  1. Good for Cardiovascular Health
Rope skipping improves the heart rate and pumping function, which are beneficial to maintain cardiovascular health. Skipping for 10-15 minutes for five days a week maximises breathing efficiency & cardiovascular endurance to support proper functioning of the heart.
  1. Increases Bone Density
Jumping Rope strengthens the bones and makes them stronger. This exercise increases the bone mineral density through impact training that causes our bones to remodel themselves to become stronger. High bone density prevents the risk of fracture and reduces the risk of osteoporosis later in life.
  1. Decreases Injury Risk
Rope skipping not only improves foot coordination but also increases the muscle strength near ankle and foot joints, reducing the chances of injuries. It establishes a balance between lower and upper body movements to improve your agility and body awareness, hence making you less prone to injuries.
  1. Helps to Maintain Brain Health
Jumping Rope enhances mental alertness that helps to establish a dynamic balance and coordination of joints, muscles and reflexes that support the movements of feet while jumping. People who jump rope are working their brain and body at the same time, and it can help them to stay calm in difficult situations.

To start rope skipping, you need a good quality plastic rope, adjust the length according to your height, pick a flat surface and begin your practice. Grab your skipping rope and be amazed by its excellent benefits for your mind and body!