Why It’s Better Not To Wash Your Hair In The Shower In Winters

Need help with how to care for your hair in the winter? Well, for starters, you need to limit the times you wash your hair. Read on to know more about it.

You may wonder, “How in the world do you take your shower without washing your hair?” and we understand your confusion. Furthermore, even if you could do so, you still shouldn’t. And in this article, we’ll show you why there’s a solid reason not to. A potential problem for your hair as colder weather approaches is your preference for a hot bath. In other words, if you have dry, lifeless, dandruff-filled hair in the winter and blame the season, it is not the winter causing the damage. Keep reading to learn why you should always use a shower cap instead of soaking your hair every time you take a bath or shower.

It makes your hair drier

A hot shower is an excellent way to unwind from a busy day. The catch is that hot water can damage hair, leaving it looking and feeling like a straw. It’s like trying to style your hair with hot tools without heat protection. So when washing your hair, it is essential to use lukewarm water rather than boiling water. Lukewarm water is best if you want to control the water temperature for a winter hair wash.

It might lead to thinning hair

Hair washed in hot water regularly may become brittle and split easily. Hot water causes pores on the scalp to open, leading to increased hair loss. Also, the plant oils and keratin that prevent damage to your hair are removed when you shampoo in a hot shower. Because of this, your hair may get dry and break easily.

It might give you an itchy scalp

No one likes it, but dry winter air may make your dry scalp itch. This is exacerbated by frequent hair washing because, along with dirt and product buildup, the natural oils from your hair and scalp are washed away with shampoo and water, leaving your skin parched and irritated. In addition, a fatty epidermal lipid layer serves as a barrier between your scalp and bacteria. Hot water washes easily strip away this barrier, leaving your scalp vulnerable to itching and irritation.

Your hair color may fade away

Your hairstylist may have warned you not to use hot water on your newly dyed hair. The color molecules can quickly evaporate with the cuticle now exposed to the hot water. After shampooing and conditioning, your hair color will retain its luster for longer if you rinse it in cold water. Hair dye makes it more susceptible to environmental variables, so using a deep conditioner and the right shampoo is essential if you want your color to last.

It might get your hair more frizzy

When hair is excessively frizzy, it needs products designed specifically for that problem. Taking too hot showers can dry out hair, making it challenging to manage. Due to the cuticle swelling and the dry hair desperately seeking to absorb moisture from the air, the outcome is a frizzy appearance. You can prevent this by limiting how often you wash your hair and just washing it in lukewarm water.


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