Why Japan should be on your travel list

Japan is a country which is known for having exotic summer festivals, rich cuisine and amazing powder snow. Japanese food has carved its space in the hearts of people who have tried the amazing dishes of the country.

Japan is known to attract visitors from all over the world who love to spend their holidays in the country. Here is why it should be on your list too.

Karaoke – If you love singing and want to sing with people on a mic, visit Japan for a breathtaking experience. Japan is the birthplace of Karaoke and it can be found there in clubs, hotels and restaurants. You can grab the mic and sing your heart out with your loved ones or in front of them. Japanese karaoke is full of fun and you will not experience it anywhere else in the world.

Anime – Manga and anime lovers should visit Japan as it will be a heavenly experience for them. If you are a fan of Japanese comics or you love to watch anime, you will find yourself roaming in a heaven in Japan. You can watch anime inside a theatre for an experience of a lifetime and can buy as many manga as you want at a cheap rate. Also, you can rent the DVDs and watch them in your hotel room if you want to enjoy the comfortable environment.

Fantastic architecture and technology – Japan is known for its development and infrastructure. The way this nation has built itself after the world war is commendable. Japanese architecture is famous all over the world and has its own charm. You will be surprised to see how they have used the technology so well to promote the development in their nation.

Pocket friendly – yes, you read that right. Japan is one of the few developed nations that you can cisit in a pocket friendly budget. If you are from India, you might have to pay good amount for flight to Japan but cost of traveling inside the country is not that much. As a matter of fact, Japan is one of the cheapest places to visit from India and it offers many activities and living in a hotel in lesser amount.

Safety – One of the main concerns of people visiting from one country to another is whether the place is safe or not. Parents too get worried if their child is taking a trip to foreign land regarding their safety. Japan is one of the safest places on earth and the crime rate there is very low. The country is tourist friendly and provides good care of visitors. Also, the country is known to report very low crimes against women which make it a good option to visit.

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