Why Kahaani is a perfect example of a three act structure

Three-act structure is a standard storytelling structure used by filmmakers. It is said to be an important element of screenwriting and while it looks easy to understand, it is difficult to crack it on paper and in execution. Kahaani, directed by Sujoy Ghosh and starring VidyaBalan is a perfect example of three act structure storytelling.

A three act structure in screenplay binds the story together and provides gripping narrative. Kahaani movie is said to be first bound script production of Bollywood. The film has managed to successfully divide the scenes in the acts and there is an apt hook and pay-off which is both engaging and enjoyable for the audience. The well acclaimed and box office hit Sujoy Ghosh’s, Kahani is a film full of drama, suspense, thrill and cultural vibrance. The film manages to hook the viewers 2 hours into the world of VidyaBagchi with its story building techniques by Sujoy Ghosh and flamboyant and invisible editing with tight cuts, montages, and flash frames by Namrata Rao.

Culture and Editing

The edit of the film not only brings the pace of a thriller film effortlessly but also succeeds in establishing the cultural richness and aesthetics of Kolkata. There also has been evocative use of textual elements throughout the narrative structure. The creative use of low frequency sounds for the build up and the extreme fast cutting in certain sequences (especially where Bob Biswas threatens VidyaBagchi) does not let the attention of a viewer slip for a moment without giving them enough time to think much is best possibly achieved characteristic of this thriller, apart from that on certain occasions the viewers are left dangling in air of mystery in the world of the protagonist to think what could possibly come next.

Narrative arc

The narrative arc and structure of the story is well orchestrated and established. In this fast paced thriller one is able to understand the character sketch of each individual character. Above all, amidst the thrill and mystery the film has managed to keep loyalty to the memories as VidyaBagchi remembers her husband, every time she narrates about her husband to the people out there the face of her husband is replaced with that of Milan Damji, on contrary the face of the husband is never revealed in sequences where she is alone, remembering her husband. The filmmakers have also used the diegetic sounds like the approaching of a train, daily chores and non diegetic sounds profoundly in the sound design with the remarkable use of Eklachalo re in Amitabh Bachan’s voice making the film a fictional cinematic marvel with realistic documentary style editing.

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