Why Live Stream Shopping is Here to Stay?

What’s the new buzzword?

The digitalization in retail has birthed the phenomenal live stream shopping—tapping into the potentials of live video to announce services, interact with audiences and sell the product, reaching out to millions within split seconds, literally.

Engaging and Immersive: The liberty to use interactive chat, pictures and texts using high-quality interface, upscale customisation options, and recycling the video by recording it provides retailers with the opportunity to churn creative content to enhance brand image and engage with audiences. Streaming services provide video API access to tailor the video hosting experience by the integration of external apps and programs. It all boils down to assuring streaming hours free of distractions but without going overboard or taking big risks.

Celebrity Approved: Popular faces are chosen for streaming to instantly establish a strong rapport with the audiences thereby giving them the full confidence to purchase the product—a trust at par with online shopping experience. Nonetheless, the glitch is mainly with small enterprisesor new entrants since the sheer expenses of paying celebrities for one video can give a toss to the entire year’s budget.

Larger Audience: Enormous presence of digital properties—spanning from remote fringes to cities and metropolis, has helped brands achieve bigger numbers with audiences. Since the shopping experience is constantly in flux, analytics predict that the live streaming phenomena will only evolve and expand to accommodate individualised content.

Analytics Tracking: Retailers are also equipped with the option to assess the popularity of their stream with analytic dashboards and tracking tools. Subsequently, they gain better understanding of marketing strategies to recognise the loopholes. E-commerce giants read metrics to comprehend buying behaviour and refine existing selling strategies. The upgraded privacy and security features sans the slightest technical glitches have convinced even the most globally reputed brands to switch to live streaming.

Season’s Latest: Live season is curated in the true spirit of a globalised e-commerce industry that caters to audience irrespective of geographic and language boundaries. No wonder celebrities and brands are opting for live streaming for showcasing the latest products and encouraging audiences to lap up the items within jiffies. Virtual reality has offered every audience to book the front-row seat for experiencing their trusted brands, and retailers have been quick to jump into the bandwagon.

Versatile Content: Audacious and experimental content creation is in sync with surging website traffic that celebrities vouch for before signing up for a live stream. Marketing strategists, therefore, have the option to go gaga while ideating videos. Besides, professional streaming services extend dependable technical support to prevent any hiccups during the stream.

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