Published By: Alfaraz Laique

Why movie reviews are important

The job of a film critic is a highly responsible job. These days, people have become smart enough to read or watch a movie review investing their money in a ticket.  The lot depends on the movie reviews nowadays and therefore they are important.

Films reviews provide advance information about the film before it reaches the final audience. Generally, the critics see the film before the actual release or on the day of release and they review it based on what they feel. A good film critic talks about various aspects of filmmaking like cinematography, acting, sound design, music, etc. without giving any spoilers so that audience can decide whether they want to spend money on a film or not.

It involves responsibility

Film reviewing is a creative job but is also a responsible one. A film critic cannot give biased opinions and they should know what they are talking about. It is because their opinions shape the minds of many. It is seen on many instances that film reviewers knowingly or unknowingly manipulate the audience.  A reviewer should keep their personal comments aside while reviewing a film and should talk about the style and craft.

Movie reviews help in understanding films better

Apart from giving information about the film, the reviews are important because they make audience understand the meaning and connotation of the movie, and sometimes the story. Nowadays, films with open endings or complex storylines are made and it is not always easy for the audience to decode the movie and hence they turn to their favorite critic for additional information. For example, the movie Mother starring Jennifer Lawrence has so many underlying themes and metaphorical meaning which are difficult to understand.

Help in deciding

Film critics are journalists who have deep knowledge about filmmaking and they understand cinema better than most of the other people. These days, people are so much inclined to the reviews that they have their own favourite critic. It is no surprising to see that film reviewers have a fan base now. People watch reviews so that they can decide whether they want to watch a particular movie or not.

What’s bad about reviews

Like all the other things, there is a downside to film reviews too. One should understand the fact that film critics are human beings and they can make mistakes in judging a movie. Sometimes film critics don’t understand a movie which is ahead of the times or they might not like a good movie and as a result they end up writing a review which affects the film’s business.