Published By: Ahvana Paul

Why One Tree Hill is the ideal teenage show

Are you a teenager looking for a comfortable watch, yet one filled with drama, wit, and also heartbreak, or someone wishing to re-explore your teenage fandoms? If you haven’t already, one of the shows, you can consider exploring is One Tree Hill. Made by Mark Schwann, the show has 9 seasons that aired from 2003-2012. It follows the life of two boys, who are half brothers- Lucas Scott and Nathan, and their friend group, their rivalry, their complicated families, and more! Here are some reasons why it is the ideal show-

Lots of drama – This is one of the most consistent things in the show. This show is an emotional tearjerker for many reasons, with moments of light humor and wit. It, therefore, remains an entertaining watch. It is the typical American teen drama, but addresses some relevant issues!

Very good eye candy – Most of the characters on the show are extremely charming, good-looking, and a pleasure to watch! It is a bonus while watching the show!

Idea that friends are everything – However, this show is also more than looks. It gives a comforting message about the value of friends, in an alienating and difficult world. Friends and siblings can help you get on with any tragedies in life. It makes you believe in the value of your teenage friendships, and how precious they are!

Lovely music – One more bonus is the element of music in the show. Not only is every episode named after a song, but there is something so catchy in the theme song “ I don’t wanna be” by Gavin DeGraw. Furthermore, within the show, there are characters directly dealing with music, Peyton, and Haley, as well as later Mia. There is an opening of a music studio, and performances at the local café. All of the music, background tracks, or live singing is carefully curated, and adds to the show!

Relatable characters – The nicest thing about One Tree Hill is that one witness the different characters, and their general character development, and their struggles in life. It endows a certain relatability with the characters, their problems, and how they deal with them. Haley, Lucas, Nathan, Peyton, and Brooke, the 5-star cast, all go through a major change in life, and they all have struggles. Which they overcome. It makes it even more engaging to watch!

So when are you watching it?