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Why Over-reliance On Your Partner Is Detrimental To Your Self Esteem?

Self-esteem motivates us to value ourselves which is crushed in an over-reliant person!

Over-reliance is a sign that a person does not believe enough in his own potential. Which eventually shatters one’s self-confidence to the point where an individual cannot think of living without the approval of others! It is expected to have a strong bond between domestic partners or romantic partners. For a relationship to succeed there must be enough love, trust and obviously a sense of dependence between the two. But, when this sense of trust and dependence goes out of control, things can take an ugly turn. When your personality is completely dependent on your partner, it not only hinders your growth as a person, it also destroys the natural blissful bond that a couple enjoys.

Signs Of Over-Reliance On Your Partner And Why It’s Harmful To Your Self-Esteem

As an adult, you must have your own will and worldview. Sometimes, there is a possibility that your desires and ideas are different from your partner’s, and that is completely okay. But, if you always try to compromise your personal thoughts and demands to please your partner, it is a clear sign of over-reliance where your existence depends entirely on what your partner wants or thinks. From your choice of movies to your choice of food to your style of clothing, if everything is dictated by your partner, and you let it happen even as an adult, then my friend! You need professional help to get out of this intense shadow of over-dependence to live your life on your terms and regain your confidence.

Important Things To Consider To Overcome The Detrimental Effects Of Over-Reliance

One may argue that being overly dependent or possessive is a sign of love, however, over reliance is a sign of a weak and insecure personality that has nothing to do with love. For women in particular, becoming financially independent is the most effective way to combat feelings of over-dependence. Financial freedom develops a sense of stability in our personality which makes us more confident. Supporting each other’s dreams towards success while giving each other personal space is what an ideal relationship should look like. It is not right to suffocate the other partner with unnecessary dependence or clinging which ultimately destroys the foundation of the relationship. Nurturing our own interests and pursuing a career makes us more interesting as individuals. Love between two confident people is more powerful than burdening the partner with insecurities. Self-esteem is important for understanding your own worth in order to value others and enjoy the precious bond of love.

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