Why ‘Panchayat’ is a proper Indian TV series

Panchayat is an Indian web series created by TVF and it aired on Amazon Prime in 2020. The series is appreciated by many for its compelling storytelling and for showcasing the problem of the rural area on a grass root level.  Panchayat’s season 2 has received the same amount of love from the fans and it can attain the cult status in the near future.

When the whole caravan of web series and TV shows reached India few years back, people expected some good Indian series which can portray the real India. Due to the absence of the TV regulations on the OTT platform, the audience expected some really great storytelling and narratives. However, the Indian TV series makers focused on making crime dramas and mythological crime thrillers on the internet, mainly because of the success of Sacred Games, the first Indian web series on Netflix. In that period of time, TVF decided to alter the tradition and came up with some really good TV shows and Panchayat is one of them.

Indian show

One can say that Panchayat is an Indian show in a very true sense. It has all the elements of a good series and it depicts the rural India perfectly. It is said that there are many Indias in one India and the urban audience, who is the primary consumer of the OTT content, are unaware of it. Panchayat brings out the old school flavor of India, which you can find in the writings of RK Narayan and Premchand and moulds it according to the current scenario. It does not add sex scenes or vulgar language just for the sake of it and brings out the element of realism with its beautiful writing. Each and every turn of the village Phulera and every sign board installed in the village will remind you of the villages you have entered before.


The characters of Panchayat are very well written and they have a beautiful arc. They are not too complex characters but they have shade of Indian colors. The whole setup and production of the show will take you to a land which will look familiar to you. For people who have grown up watching shows like Malgudi Days, this is a nostalgic trip to the memory lane. Panchayat stands out for his accurate portrayal of what is happening in the interiors of the country. The performances by JeetendraMaheshwari, Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta, Faisal Malik and Chandan Roy are brilliant and you will fall in love with their characters at the end of the show.

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