Why Race Walking Is The New Workout Trend

Need to tone down faster with morning walks? Try race walking.

You must have heard the term race walking and thought to yourself, why would anyone conduct a walking race? Well, it is more than just walking; it gives you the benefits of losing weight quickly without compromising on health. Here is all you need to know about race walking and why it is perfect for maintaining a fit body.

Raises Your Heart Rate-

Walking fast raises your heart rate to a moderate light intensity that helps your body pump blood more quickly and efficiently. You can cure many diseases through brisk walking at the same distance at a higher speed.

Improves Weight Loss Efforts-

Brisk walking increases your fitness and endurance. With the improved calorie burn, you will be able to lose more weight than regular walking.

Strengthens Muscles-

Walking faster than usual strengthens your abdominal and calf muscles. The swift pressure on your joints helps you increase your stamina and work better.

Increases Impact-

The more you engage in brisk walking, it has a better effect in slowing down osteoporosis. It will decrease your health risk and bring you to a fitness zone.

Improves Flexibility-

You might not be able to switch from walking to running any sooner, but the transition period of brisk walking will help you improve your muscle flexibility.

How To Measure Your Walking Speed-

It is common to see everyone walk around with a fitness band in the modern world to monitor their fitness and heart rate. However, you wouldn’t need to invest in expensive gear just to check on your speed. First, you have to mark the distance you have to walk and check the time duration of a regular walk in that space. Now walk as fast as possible without gasping for breath. That is the pace you should keep for power walking.

Running Vs Walking-

The common question lies, why not run instead of brisk walking. As a runner, you have to tons more exercises to be in shape for running. If you plan on running while you are not entirely fit, you might exert unnecessary pressure on your knees. While you start to walk and switch to race walking after some time, you will only help your body cope with the changes and burn more calories than running.

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