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Why should employers pay attention to EVP?

The employer and employee relationship play a vital role in a company’s growth. 

The Employer Value Proposition (EVP), in a company, builds a brand among the employees. As a result, it attracts more candidates to apply for various positions in your company. In other words, EVP is a statistical foundation, which serves as a crucial tool to create a lasting impression among the potential candidates. Thus, better EVP helps you retain talented employees and compete with other companies offering similar positions.

Today, companies are focusing on creating a better profile for the candidates to get a clear vision about the position and work environment in the company. So, we listed the areas where the companies pay attention to improving their EVP.

Companies must give reasons to the employees to be proud members; hence, building a reputed organization is their goal. 

Today, most candidates research the work culture before accepting the offer letter. As a result, companies highlight their encouraging and positive work environment via advertisement. Also, they share their journey, achievements and plans to attract eligible candidates.

Once they attract potential candidates, companies share the job description and make sure it gives them a sense of work-life balance. 

Before applying, candidates look forward to understanding the roles and responsibilities related to the position. Companies offering better exposure, fixed work timings and self-growth opportunities attract more applicants. In other words, job seekers make sure that they fit well into the job role before accepting the offer.

Offering growth within the company is an essential part of its EVP foundation. 

For a candidate, understanding the career growth opportunities offered by the companies is of primary concern. So, companies do not hesitate to share the structural growth in the company. In addition, it gives an idea about the steps which lies ahead.

Companies appreciate and acknowledge the hard work of employees by rewarding them. 

According to the study reports, employee appreciation increases productivity and encourages growth in a company. Therefore, candidates want to work with an organization that will value their time and efforts and compensate with tangible rewards, such as bonuses, work benefits, promotions, wages, and other employee benefits.

Lastly, the work environment plays a vital part in building good EVP. 

Candidates are always concerned about other members of a team. Are they cooperative? Who will be my mentor? Will I have other people in the project? How will others contribute, and for how long? -These are a few questions that cross their mind. The company must discuss every aspect of their role in detail. It will help both parties to make a firm decision.

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