Why should someone read Kafka?

“I am a cage, in search of a bird”

– Franz Kafka.

Franz Kafka mostly takes you to a realm of authoritarian bureaucracy through his writings. People mostly complain that Kafka’s work makes them frustrated, mostly his short stories and the novellas. It mostly depicts the reality where we live in. Nowadays, the rat race among corporate workers all over the world needs to find a way out of their boring life. Even getting stuck in the web of bureaucracy and the illogical social structure one should read Kafka and know about his vision of the world and the system we reside in.

Who is Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka is a well known mysterious German Novelist who is best known for his novels and short stories. This man was Born on 3rd July 1883 and died on 3rd June 1924. He had a massive contribution to literature in the 20th century. he is famous for his short stories such as ‘Metamorphosis’, Poseidon and novels like the “Trial”, “The Castle” and the office writings. he had sent several letters to his father and his lovers which were

also a gem of literature. He was a trained lawyer and hired by an insurance company that helps him to see the miseries of different individuals. He had been involved with several women but never married one. He died of tuberculosis at the age of 40.  

Miseries of systems!

People are mostly hit by different miseries but Kafka on the other hand thrives through those miseries through his writings. The bizarre and fantastic turns of events mainly help the readers to know how illogical all the offices and their processes are. The trap of paperwork and the misery of a corporate professional have been discussed in detail in most of his works. In his short story ‘Poseidon’ he showcased that even the god rather the bureaucrats cannot escape from the trap of their work and forget to explore the world.

Priorities Changing! 

As human being, our priorities regarding day today is changing. in his work ‘Metamorphosis‘ we find a man who has changed into an insect but he is concerned about going to work on time instead of anything else. so through his work, we can connect that our purpose of living is changing because of the work and the society that is misleading us and our mindset as well.

Kafka is very relevant still now. He presented the chains of corporate or the system ironically. His dark humour can help us to think about our life and our sufferings differently. People who are suffering from mental illness should read Kafka so that their view toward life changes.

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