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Why should we spend more time in nature?

It’s a science-backed fact that nature makes us a lot healthier.

Sitting inside a room and working on computers all day – this pretty much sums up our everyday life. Also, since the covid outbreak, we mostly prefer watching Netflix and not going outside on weekends. However, as per scientific evidence, this modern-day lifestyle is taking a heavy toll on our health – as a result, a wide variety of diseases are on the rise. So, as suggested by many doctors, it’s of utmost importance to spend an adequate amount of time in nature regularly. Surprising as it may sound, this habit is directly linked to better health.

It promotes brain functions

Nature therapy is extremely effective for our brain. It boosts the overall brain functions, which in turn improves our focus, memory, concentration, and other cognitive skills. Also, some studies have indicated that people who get at least an hour of nature exposure tend to be a lot more creative than those who don’t.

It supports mental health

When we walk in the forests, sit alongside a river or go trekking in mountains – it improves our mood in no time. Precisely, spending time in nature restricts the levels of cortisol hormones in the body, which helps keep our stress and anxiety at bay. It fills our souls with positive vibes and makes us more confident about ourselves.

It enhances sleep pattern

As previously mentioned, spending time in nature significantly reduces our stress levels. And it’s a no-brainer that the more we remain stress-free, the better we get to sleep at night. Also, it boosts the release of melatonin in the body, which further helps us achieve uninterrupted sleep.

It boosts the immune system

According to researchers, exposure to nature lowers the levels of inflammation, which in turn improves the functions of our immune system. Also, as we get outside, the sunlight provides our body with vitamin D – which is essential for maintaining strong immunity. Needless to say, that this keeps us protected from a huge range of viral infections.

It improves heart health

Research suggests that spending time in nature, especially when it’s combined with walking or some other exercises, is highly effective in regulating our blood pressure levels. This further improves our heart health to a great extent. This is why people who live in natural surroundings are less likely to develop cardiovascular disorders.

Apart from these, it also promotes eyesight, aids in weight loss, and even prevents the risk of certain types of cancer.

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