Why Swimming Is the best sport

Are you looking for a new sport to try out, or a way to get fitter? One of the best solutions you can find is swimming! Here are some reasons why swimming is the best sport that you can choose!

Exercises your entire body

Swimming indeed requires one to exert every part of their body. This is therefore an all-in-one sport. Hands, legs, or body, you have to swim against the friction of the water, and this helps!

Weight, heart, and lungs remain healthy

Your weight, heart, and lungs remain healthy and hearty. This is very important in our high-stress life-style today. Swimming for 45 minutes a day is sufficient to keep these things in check.

Releases stress

While it is an intense exercise, the best thing about swimming is that it is immensely relaxing. If you have had a long day of work, and a lot on your mind, a swim not only refreshes you but gives you time when you can simply clear your head. It helps you think better and plan more methodically. It is the most relaxing sport!

Eliminates pain

Sometimes, due to hectic work schedules, or having to attend long meetings or studying, sitting in one place makes you stiff and it might feel uncomfortable. Especially your neck begins to get stiff. However, swimming is the perfect cure for this. Doing backstroke especially helps your back also get exercised, and it is extremely enjoyable as well. Your discomfort disappears after swimming.


Along with all these health benefits, swimming is probably one of the most fun sports. Once you have learned to swim, it requires less effort, and being in the water for an hour can be so delightful. If you go with friends, you can both keep swimming a couple of laps, and then take breaks while chatting and enjoying the pool. Swimming is a highly enjoyable sport.

Gears you for the day when the weather is hot

When it is humid and sultry outside, and you really can’t deal with the grimy heat, swimming is your ultimate savior! It makes you feel refreshed and alive and gears you for the day. Even if it is hot weather, a swim makes it so much better and more bearable.

Can swim anywhere and anytime

Swimming since it is an individual sport can be enjoyed anywhere provided that there is a pool. Sometimes, in many places, you can even swim in the sea or hot springs. This is another kind of adventure!

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