Published By: Ahvana Paul

Why The Film ‘The Holiday’ Is A Must Watch

Looking for a good film recommendation? If you are a lover of romantic comedies, then Nancy Meyer’s legendary film of 2006, The Holiday, is the ideal option for you. Here are some reasons, why it should be on your watch-list for sure!

Warning- Spoilers Ahead!

Excellent Acting

First and foremost, the most spectacular thing about this film is the stellar cast. With Cameron Diaz as Amanda and Kate Winslet as Iris, and the two male leads being played by Jude Law and Jack Black, this film is absolutely riveting.Law plays the character named Graham, and Black plays Miles. All these actors developed their roles brilliantly!  The excellent acting, takes what is already a brilliant plot to the next level!

Heartwarming Plot

The plot is absolutely heart-warming and so cute.Iris and Amanda, in order to escape the holiday season where they live decide to exchange houses for a week! Expecting a quiet solitary get-away, both end up loving it, despite initial apprehensions in the case of Amanda, making friends and ultimately finding their perfect match. For the romantic inside of you, this film promises a treat!

Funny Moments!

This show although emotional, also has some very funny unsuspecting moments, such as when Graham’s children call and Amanda thinks he has multiple partners. These scenes are entertaining and witty and add to the story wonderfully, keeping the audience immensely engaged.

Message about not being afraid about fresh starts

This film provides a message which although subtle is impactful. It tells us that when things are all messy, and your life is full of complications and you don’t know how to deal with it, sometimes the best thing you can do is take a holiday and a break from your circumstances. Taking this space, gives you a fresh perspective!


This is one of the most timeless films! It just doesn’t get old. If you are someone who hasn’t watched it, this might just be the perfect film for you, appropriate for any mood or timing. For example, the film is based largely in wintry backgrounds. If you are all curled up in your blanket, in the winter, and want to watch something then it is also appropriate. If you have had a hard day, and are looking to unwind, this film is indeed ideal for you!