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Why The Holy Conspiracy Is A Must-Watch

Are you looking to go out and look for a good film to watch? The film, Holy Conspiracy which is currently ongoing right now, might be a perfect choice. Here are a few reasons why you should keep it on your to-see list!

Excellent Acting

This film has what is called a star cast. Right from NaseeruddinShah, to Soumitra Chatterjee, to Kaushik Sen, SramanChaterjee, and Amrita Chattopadhyay, all of the actors were magnificent. They were all so much in character, with an impeccable sense of comic timing! The acting took an already brilliant script to another level.

Brilliant scripting

The script was fabulous. The surprising twists and the unfolding of events make the audience gasp with surprise, and wonder. Moreover, the film is full of one-liners and dialogues, which are so relevant in this day and age. The larger story and twists, interspersed with sassy humorous lines, are amazing.

Intellectual questions

This film raises important questions. It brings up issues of freedom of thinking, science, and religion. It makes a very important point. The film is about a court case about a teacher, teaching Darwin’s theory of evolution in his classroom, and a consequent uproar by various factions of society against his teaching. The case revolves around his right to think, and right to believe in different values and principles.


One of the best things about this film is the witty dialogues of the actors and the way that they are delivered. The humor is very out there, yet subtle and clever. It helps to break from the intensity of the issue at heart. However, these jokes don’t result in the film becoming frivolous. They add to it!

Message that freedom of thought is prime and must-be for all

The film is about a court case where the prime issue is the right to think, and protecting the right to freedom. It brings up the issue of freedom and privilege and therefore provides intelligently a bit on how minorities are suppressed. NaseeruddinShah, who plays the role of Anton- De-Souza, the lawyer fighting for the teacher precisely tries to fight for this right, and protect his right to think and speak as he feels. It also brings out the complexities of society and the hierarchies that function.

So have you booked your tickets yet?

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