Why ‘The X Files’ is the most iconic series ever?

The ‘The X Files’ inspired a new genre of science fiction dealing with unexplained cases, making us fall in love with the show. The truth is out there.

The 90’s TV industry saw some aamazing shows which changed the course of television history in years to come. Amongst a plethora of some cool shows, one series stood out in terms of originality and content. Created by Chris Carter, this groundbreaking show introduced us to the investigative team of special FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who would delve into every unexplained case of their department under the name “The X- Files”. And the rest is history.

Let us look at some reasons to justify our love for the legendary show.

  • It gave us a reason to ‘want to believe’, thanks to the fantastic on-screen chemistry of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson who were so divided and yet so convinced about every case. It was a struggle between logic and belief, a heart of a passionate believer and a logical brain of a doctor. Mulder and Scully were a team of two opposing ideologies.
  • The title track of The X-Files was as iconic as the TV show itself. Created by Mark Snow, the soundtrack has become a classic too and always conjures up the feeling of alien conspiracy around us.
  • The show is a cultural touchstone in ways more than one. There were similar shows in the past too but they commanded a limited audience owing to their unconventional science fiction themes which died out eventually. The X-Files, however, was able to merge the specialized forte into mainstream popular culture.
  • The show also worked because of its accurate timing which instantly connected with people. In the early nineties, the world was witnessing the end of cold war, and the era brought out a keen interest in matters as the atom bomb, space and aliens, and a borderline curiosity of undercover secrets and unknown stuff. With limited access to knowledge (internet was still in the stage of infancy), The X Files became a source to access information about everything weird and mysterious, which called for the attention of the people.
  • With Dana Scully as the voice of reason in the show, The X Files portrayed the female lead as an intelligent woman, who was equal to her male counterpart. Her role was not limited to add glamour quotient in the show. Still, her attractiveness lay in her intellectual superiority, making her a role model for women of the generation.

Fans take pride in calling themselves ‘X-Philes’, and raising Mulder and Scully to the demigod pedestal. The X Files fans have famously popularised the term ‘shipper’ for the main lead, making the series immortal in the pages of TV history.

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