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Why Using The Same Towel For More Than Two Days In A Row Can Be Dangerous

There’s nothing like a morning shower to get us going and a relaxing bath to help us unwind. But, could you be undoing all that good work by using a soiled towel?

A towel should be washed after two uses since it collects a lot of moisture and retains bacteria that can proliferate over time. Anyhow, even if you shower only in the morning, you may find that repeatedly using the towel for several days in succession may cause you to experience some unwelcome side effects.

Regularly cleaning your bath towels may seem like a hassle, but not doing so can lead to serious problems.

Your skin may become inflamed

Even if you follow your skin care regimen religiously and only use recommended products for your skin type, you may still wake up with pimples on your face if you use soiled towels. Towels collect oil, grime, and dead skin cells, and since they stay moist for long periods, they serve as an ideal breeding ground for germs. Because towel fibres are full of bacteria, they can cause an infection on your face if you don’t wash them regularly.

You may experience skin irritation

In addition to ruining your beauty, dirty towels can also cause your skin to become more prone to irritation. Reusing old towels increases the risk of illness since they become infected with viruses and fungus. These viruses can cause your skin to become red and itch if they get on it.

It’s possible that it will make any skin issues worse

Reusing soiled towels can aggravate even healthy skin, but if you have dry or sensitive skin, not washing them on a regular basis might be far more damaging. With acne or other skin disorders, it is likely that your skin barrier isn’t as strong and using a dirty towel might cause blocked pores that make flare-ups more noticeable.

Hair loss may occur as a result of using soiled towels

Towels that haven’t been washed in days might really cause hair to come out, even if you wash your hair every day and use the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Using a dirty towel to dry your hair can spread fungus and bacteria to your face, as well as cause staph infections to your scalp. Inflamed hair follicles caused by bacterial staph infections can lead to hair loss.

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