Why Vertical Garden Is The New Plantation Trend

Is living in a compact apartment snatching your gardening hobby? Not anymore!

There is no end to how growing plants can be beneficial for your growth. Not only does it look gorgeous, but it also improves your mental and physical health. But, now the only thing coming between you and your lush garden is your compact living space. Wish there were some way to add levels to it? Here it is! Vertical gardening is the aesthetic method that solves all space problems and helps plants grow in limited space. Here is why you should work on nurturing a vertical garden this very instant!

Saves Space-

This is probably the most obvious of reasons to get a vertical garden, space-effective! If you cannot manage a particular ground space for the plant, simply help it climb up the walls and keep then hanging! Vertical plants grow in a bunch and thrive in the maximum sunlight exposure.

You Can Try A Lot Of Variety-

There is no one kind of plant that you can grow vertically. You can start with easy moss, and then when you get comfortable with it, you can try climbers and vegetables. Various decorative plants, vegetables and flowering plants can be grown vertically, and they are effortless to maintain.

Safe Gardening-

If you are worried about pests and wilting leaves, a vertical plantation does not attract pests. They are safe from your pet attacks of meddling with the soil, and you can give it stick support and help them grow into green vertical foliage.

Protective Shield-

Once you get the hang of it, vertical gardens make an excellent shield to protect your home from the heat. You can try it as a shade on your wall or a curtain to shade it from the environmental pollutants and heat. The insulating plants cover the wall and keep you safe from hiking temperature, harsh weather and unwanted noise.

Easy To Maintain-

Arranging plants vertically makes fertilising, pruning, watering and harvesting really convenient.

Wall Protector-

You must have seen gorgeous walls decorated by running climbers. It does not only make your wall look fantastic but also adds a protective layer to your wall. You can also protect your gateway from strangers and shade the walls from the scorching sun.

Reuses Waste Materials-

The vertical plantation also uses up the plastic bottles and waste materials you would rather throw away. Instead, you can decorate the wall with beautiful plastic bottles and lights that make your home stand out.

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