Why Vlogging Fails?

Fortunately, there is no dearth of tactics vloggers can use to resuscitate the popularity and viewership of their works


Since the internet is dominated by fascinating reels, traditional concepts of vlogging have taken the backseat. No wonder vloggers should be audacious enough to bring novelty to videos but without losing sight of the specific purpose and goals behind each video reel. 


Imitating Popular Bloggers to Increase Viewership 


 Blindly copying the pros would stifle creativity and individuality as an artist. Although successful artists and celebrated vloggers would always influence aspiring professionals, imitating them might not be a suitable homage to pay. Plagiarism and imitation explain why projects turn mundane and irrelevant even to the most loyal followers. Decisive elements such as design, collaborations, lighting, sound, editing, post-production marketing, content style and tone, transitions and hooks provide ample scope to flaunt individuality. 


Dwindling Audience Engagement and Boring Content 


Stumbling upon the right recipe to boost audience engagement could be tricky in the initial few days, but each reel should be assessed meticulously to filter out the mistakes. Also, vloggers should not underestimate the merit of marketing at the post-production stage which could be accomplished by promoting others’ videos/products at the end, encouraging viewers to subscribe, resisting clickbait and misleading headlines and penning listicle-styled titles.


Losing Track of Video Progression


Every professional vlogger should outline key messages to convey within the stipulated timeframe. The strategy would avoid unnecessarily lengthy vlogs crammed with information, irrelevant details and digressions. Unless approximate duration is planned and content is edited accordingly, the entire process of integrating information in videos go awry. Cryptic, abrupt and lengthy vlogs mess with quality and viewership rate. Of course, platforms (such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram) and target demographics should determine the estimated time slots. 


 Blind Devotion to Fads


Following trends only to amass viewership brings a certain amount of superficiality to the content and the content is stripped of any originality. Vloggers without prior reputation and fame to fall back on would mostly bear the brunt since they are consistently relying on tried and tested ideas and innovations. To avoid being carried away by new trends, digging up perennially important issues or waiting till the hype dies down could lend a timeless charm to the projects. 


Without goal setting, planning and prior analysis of available videos, a beginners’ first attempts could be replete with blunders and inadequacies. Subsequently, the works would be drowned by the cacophony of millions of professionally edited and critically acclaimed projects played and replayed on a loop.

Puja Sinha

Coffee addict. Daydreamer. Hitchcock Fan. A post-grad in English Literature, Puja is a forever enthusiast of traversing long distances by rail. Her verticals of choice are entertainment, art & society. She can be found lazing in the garden when not fidgeting over deadlines.
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