Why we need more shows and movies with ruthless female characters

Cinema is a true form of art. It is combination of various art forms and involves lots of attention to detail. Since its inception, the world has seen the evolution of cinema from just a black and white mute display of moving pictures to the biggest form of entertainment known to humans. The cinema has given has many great characters but there is still a void which needs to be filled by the filmmakers and TV show runners.

While many filmmakers and TV show creators are busy creating female oriented shows, only a few are writing ruthless and aggressive female characters. Over the years, the gaze of the camera has captured the beauty of the women but it has not brought out their inner demons. There is a clear lack of ruthless female characters, even though they are widely loved and appreciated. For example, The Bride from Kill Bill is still remembered by many because of her never dying spirit.

Still, there are not many such characters in any film industry. It is because even the female centric films are made to please the audience and the lead characters are not given many dark shades. However, the TV shows are doing much better as compared to films. The two primary example of how ruthless characters can be loved are from TV shows.

Villianele – Villianele is a landmark character in the history of ruthless female characters. She is the heart of the show, Killing Eve. Villianele is a female assassin who kills people for money and fun. She has a childlike innocence to her but she mever spares her targets. This incredible character is played perfectly by the highly talented Jodie Comer who brings her to the life. Villianele is not your ordinary assassin, she works on her own bet and even make her bosses angry with her acts but doesn’t care. Due to her cruel but childish way of dealing with the problems and her mental condition, she is liked by many and has become people’s favourite female assassin since the bride.

Irene Adler – Irene Adler is known as The Women or The Dominatrix in the show Sherlock. She, even though, appears properly in just one episode, enjoys huge popularity and people who have seen the show, loves her. What makes people admire Irene Adler is her dominant way of dealing with everyone around her. She is cold hearted, cruel and works within the criminal network but everyone and even the protagonist of the show, falls for her.

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