Published By: Sayan Guha

Why You Cannot Miss The Phi Ta Khon Festival This Year

Phi Ta Khon Festival is one of the most prominent festivals celebrated in Thailand. Here are some reasons why you should be a part of this unique festival.

Thailand's Phi Ta Khon Festival, also known as the Thailand Ghost Festival, has a history that stretches back centuries. The historical Buddha, when known as Prince Vessantara, is reported to have embarked on a lengthy trip. It had been such a long trip that many of his fans had given up hope that he would ever return. One day, unexpectedly, he came back, and he was alive and well. His devotees were overjoyed, and the subsequent festivities were so loud that they roused the dead. Phi Ta Khon has developed into an increasingly important feature of Bun Pawet, a Buddhist deserved-making festival, and one of the most enjoyable events to take part in Thailand, in the Land of Smiles.

Just what is the Ghost Festival, or Phi Ta Khon Festival, all about?

This three-day celebration takes place in the Dan Sai district of the Loei province and features parties and parades attended by locals decked out in ghost masks (the literal translation of the festival name). At the same time, this is when people's imaginations really shine. The masks range from beautiful to frightening in their vivid colors and patterns. These masks are typically white and feature long noses; they are fashioned from dried sticky husks.

Where Can One Enjoy the Phi Ta Khon Festival?

The event is held in the agriculturally significant Dan Sai neighborhood. It may be found in northeastern Thailand, in the province of Loei. This custom originated on Dan Sai in Thailand, but it has now spread to other celebrations, including the 'Rocket Festival' in Isan.

How Does One Celebrate Phi Ta Khon?

What started as a festival for kids, similar to Halloween, has evolved into a spectacular celebration of art. Everyone at the festival would stare in awe at the huge monster mask, which had scary fangs and malevolent eyes. Keeping your mask until the festival is done is considered bad luck, however, in modern times, many individuals use their masks as a source of income.

Spirits Celebrated in Thailand

The costumes on display during the festival's three days are a major draw. It's easy to detect that a majority of the outfits have a huge phallus. While out and about dancing and parading, men especially enjoy showing off this spooky aspect of their costumes to the ladies. Each phallus would be uniquely crafted to emphasize the artistry involved.

Location of Loei Province on a Map

The Ghost Festival is located in Dan Sai, Loei Province, and may be reached in several different ways. Flying from Bangkok is another option; daily flights between the two cities average four or five. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Bangkok; the trip will take roughly nine hours and cost anywhere from THB 130 to THB 600.