Published By: Shriparna

Why you should switch rice with daliya to aid weight loss

Factors that make daliya a win-win addition to your fat-burning diet

Weight loss journey can be tricky and choosing what to eat is more important how much to

eat. Making a calorie deficit diet is very important to burn fat and white rice is not the best way to achieve your ideal weight. Daliya or lapsirawa on the other hand is cooked like rice but is far healthier and is a great alternative for your carbs cravings.

Factors that make daliya a win-win addition to your fat-burning diet

Daliya is packed with nutrition:

Dailya is packed with protein, fibres, minerals and vitamins. Being rich in protein, it takes time to digest, suppresses hunger pangs and boosts metabolism by activating weight regulating hormones. It satiates you faster, helping in portion control and reduces hunger hormone gherlin.

Dalia has two times more protein, six times more potassium, three times more fibre and lesser than half sodium that rice has.

Daliya helps in diabetes control:

Daliya has a give Glycemic Index (GI), a measure for blood sugar level in blood. Simple carbs like rice and chapati have high GI index and can make blood glucose level shoot post meal.

Whereas, foods like daliya with low GI (55 or less) is digested, absorbed and metabolized slowly and enables slow release of sugar that aids in weight loss.

It has sufficient fibre content:

Dalia has three times more fibre content than rice.  It makes you feel energized for longer intervals, delays digestion as because of its low GI sugar is not released in huge quantum to be converted into fat. Hence it not just burns fat to form energy to metabolize fibre but also don’t let fat to be accumulated in body.

In addition, there are no artificial fragrances, sulphates or colour. You can cook it is several ways from a humble breakfast pudding to a nutrient dense dinner.

Comforting daliya recipes that will not let you miss rice

Start with dalia pudding. Roast a cup full of dalia in a tablespoon of ghee and cook with water until it forms a sticky pudding. Top with up with soaked chia seed, nuts and cut fruits and you are sorted for the day.

Dalia khichdi for lunch. Cook dalia with your favourite lentil, moong, chana or toor like you cook khichdi. Add a tadka of ghee, red chillies, onion and mustard seeds to spice it up.

Dalia pulao to retire for the day. Cook a one pot meal with dalia and lots of veggies, paneer for protein. Spice it up with pav bhaji masala.