Why you should visit Cape Town

Cape Town is a place located in South Africa and it is famous for its proximity to nature and beautiful landscapes. The place is home to various flora and fauna and it is known to attract tourists.

Here are the reasons why you should plan your next trip Cape Town.


Cape Town is lovingly known as the adventure capital of Africa because of the activities it has in its kitty. The city is home to iconic mountains and other thrilling natural wonders which fill your trip with different adventures. Many game shows including Fear Factor are shot here every year because the city has different thrilling games to offer. From paragliding to bungee jump, you can find everything there at one place. Other than these basic activities, you can try things like shark cage diving and kloofing if you want to. Many people just like trekking and for them, Cape Town is a perfect place because it offers many trek routes and hiking there is just on another level.

Beautiful landscape

Cape Town is one of those rare places on the earth which is filled with different landscapes. There are exquisite mountain ranges which are mesmerizing, there is a big forest where you can stay for a long period of time and then there are so many species of animals which you can see only there. It is a complete package for someone who loves to spend time with nature and wants to be close to the birds and other natural species. One of the most attractive things in Cape Town is Table Mountain which is home to many tourists. Almost a million people travel there each year to explore its beauty. The mountain, unlike others, is plain from the top and it offers the panoramic view of the city.

Cable Car

There are so many cable cars in Cape Town. The Table Mountain cable too has a cable car of its own that makes up for a stunning adventure. It gives you a 360 degree view of the mountain and the city and you can witness many animals on your way down that you may not see from downstairs. For those who do not want to do life threatening adventure activities, cable car is a safe and fun adventurous activity that one can even try with their children.


There are many exotic beaches in Cape Town where you can spend some quality time under the sun. If you are lucky, you may get to witness penguins too on these beaches. From Sunbathing Haven to Boulder, there are so many options for people to choose from.

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