Winter Workout: Mistakes You Should Avoid

The mercury may have dropped, but you have to keep the good work up!

It is natural to want to keep the workout inside during the winters. Some even try to skip out on the workout sessions. However, according to research, working out outdoors during the winters can be relaxing for your mind and can improve your performance and mood. In fact, you will burn more calories as well. That being said, summer workouts and winter workouts are different because of the temperature factors. You have to do certain things slightly different for the best possible effects. Here are a few mistakes you are making during your workout sessions in the winter and here’s how you can avoid them!

Wearing Clothes That Are Keeping You Way Too Warm

It is natural for you to feel the need of dressing up too warm for your workout sessions outside in the winter. However, being too warm while working out in the winter is not good for your body. If you dress up too warm for your workout in the winter, you are more likely to catch the chill because of your sweat evaporating. Before you start the workout you don’t take into account the fact that working out would make your body warm, which leads to this mistake. Use layers that keep you slightly cold enough to regulate the body temperature once the working out gets you warm.

Not Extending The Duration Of Your Warm Up Exercises

Remember that your body takes longer to warm up during the winters than it does during the summer. Naturally, the amount of time that should be enough for your warm up exercises during the summer would be longer during the winter. In the winter, you need to keep up the warm up exercised for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Start with slow walking or jogging for ten minutes before you start running at your regular and target pace.

Not Shortening Your Cool Down Period After An Exercise

As said earlier, during the winter, your body takes longer to warm up but cools down faster than it does during the summer. Avoid taking a long break after completing an exercise. Taking long break would make your body cool down very fast and you can easily catch cold. Instead, try walking slow during your cool down period after you are done with the current workout session.

Urbee Sarkar

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