Wisest Words by Gandalf that Would Make You Think Hard

Gandalf the Grey from J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is the wisest wizard in and beyond the shire delivering wisdom to everyone in need.

Gandalf is old. Like OLD, old. While that guarantees a head and face full of grey hair, it also means that his life experiences have granted him wisdom beyond our knowledge. More than often the characters from The Lord of the Rings have come seeking advice from him and Gandalf being Gandalf has never shied away from sharing his wisdom with his fellow companions. Here are some of his wisest words that would make you reflect on their truth hard.

“Even The Very Wise Cannot See All Ends.”

It is impossible to know what the consequences of our actions will be in the future. We can only hope for the best. Truth is we act thinking it to be the right thing to do at the moment. However, it is impossible to know completely how our actions would pan out in the future. When Frodo tells Gandalf that all their troubles could have been avoided if Bilbo had killed Gollum years ago, Gandalf opens his eyes with these words that even the wisest man does not how an event would work out in the end.

“All We Have To Do Is Decide What To Do With The Time That Is Given To Us.”

Let’s put it out there: life stinks! It is what it is. Life throws us lemons but what we do with them is up to us. Making the most of our time in this life and what we do with that time is our choice. You can sulk in the corner and cry over the unfairness of it all, or you can take your charge and make your life the way you want to live it. That’s all Gandalf has to say!

“The World Is Not In Your Books And Maps. It Is Out There.”

It’s tempting to remain in your cozy comfort zone and read about the adventures of other people from the safety of your armchair. However, getting out into the world and making an adventure of our own is a whole other story. True knowledge cannot be gathered from the comfort of your homes. You need to get out, mix it up and experience life as it is.

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