Wonder Woman Proves Why She Is The Greatest Superhero

Diana takes the meaning of superheroes to a whole new level.

If you have been following the Amazon princess, she is like no other superhero dealing with a tragic past or family issue. The gorgeous superhero who has won the heart of millions is more than just sheer beauty and unlimited strength. Her freedom from the shackles of human emotions like revenge and sadness takes her to a whole new excellent potential level. If you are a Wonder woman fan who will leave no stone unturned to read more about her, this is the perfect place to rest your eyes. Look out for spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie already!

The goddess of strength beyond measure has more under her belt than can be deciphered at first watch. We love that her story does not weave out of parental issues like most humbug stories. Her relationship with the estranged Zeus does not play a part in her life that spares us the sympathy we have for most Marvel and DC heroes like Superman, Ironman, Batman, Spiderman, etc. In fact, she is like a fresh breeze to the life of heroes who are least affected by daddy issues and psychological traumas.

Her storyline centres around her mother, Hippolyta, when her bringing up is considered. It has a lot to do with Diana believing she had been brought to life by her mother will and clay. This is probably why she single-handedly saved Olympus and was least affected by the lack of verbal gratitude.

The creators did an excellent job in showing readers why she is the greatest of superheroes. She is not interested in compensating a hole left by an enemy or family. She is not in for revenge and is motivated by her own moral compass. That makes her a protector of humanity, justice and truth. Even Zeus points out that she is her own God and never did she or will she fight in his name.

Her destiny is unaffected by trivial family issues, and she proves it with her decision to go after Janus, the Roman God who puts her in her position in the first place. Diana can remove from her life the shackles of expectations. She is not disappointed as she has never really expected much. She is above the reach of neglect and trauma and is unaffected when it comes to her role as a superhero.

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