Published By: Riya Banerjee

Wondering whether your partner is your soul mate? Find out which are the most compatible zodiac signs

Here are five best-fitted zodiac couples who are bound to be life partners!

Though many may not believe in the astrological significance in our lives, it would be hard to cast it aside. If you do believe in astrology, you might look it up to check your compatibility with your crush or see if your new Virgo friend might be a snitch or a soul mate. Astrology determines what kind of person you are aligned to be, and when it comes to the matter of the heart, we are all a little curious.

Here are the best zodiac couples.

  1. Leo and Sagittarius: Both signs are fuelled by fire, both have an intense love for adventure, and both love hard and strong. They are free souls, and when you throw a little love in them, the result is passionate and vibrant. And because they have dreams, they push each other to fulfil them. They are encouraging of each other’s passions, and their connection is intangible.
  2. Aries and Aquarius: They both love fun, and their fiery spirit meshes well together. Though Aquarius might be a little laid-back at times, Aries quickly match the spirit, which is what makes them a solid 10/10 couple. Aries and Aquarius also have a thirst to try new things together which keeps the boredom of long-time commitment at bay.
  3. Scorpio and Cancer: The realism of Scorpio when put together against the emotional visage of the Cancer makes them a wonderful support system for each other. Scorpio and Cancer form a trustworthy alliance and are heavily emotionally invested. The pair knows how to live a fruitful (including forming a family of their own) long term relationship.
  4. Virgo and Taurus: Both are guided by the Earth sign, which makes them extremely down-to-earth and perfectionists. What unique about them is that the sameness of their signs does not repel but attract. The result is a calm, collected, and carefully thought through relationships. Virgo’s devotion and Taurus’ honesty is great math hard to find elsewhere.
  5. Libra and Gemini: You know a strong mental connection is important for both these signs because the mind is an interesting place. They enjoy mental stimulation and form a friendship because of their one-track mind. And for the matter they do not agree on, they form a level of understanding and affection for the other one.