Workplace culture: Do’s and Don’ts

The yes-yes and no-no of offices you need to know to follow the ideal workplace culture!

Globalization has brought a beautiful mix of cultural exchanges which has developed healthy workplace culture over the years. The way we have learned from different cultures, practices and traditions has impacted the way we see and behave with other people in social gatherings. The evolution of workplace culture through the years has also changed due to globalization. We need to adapt with the current cultural trends that can help us have better communication and approach towards colleagues at our workplace.

Emojis and Exclamation points- Don’t

If you are in an office Whatsapp group, it’s probably fine to use the thumbs up, cheers and smiley face from time to time but emojis and exclamation points in emails are still a big no-no.

Office and emotion- Don’t

Speak your mind, but be respectful even to your subordinates. Never ever bring your personal emotions to the office or dump your emotional baggage on colleagues, sub-ordinate or even higher-ups.

Afraid to ask- Don’t

If you do not know how to do a certain thing, ask someone. If you don’t know your way around, ask someone. Do not try to act as if you do know and then fail at a task.

Gossip- Don’t

A gossip station by the water cooler isn’t cool anymore. If you feel not welcomed, it is better to communicate with the person in question, but going behind someone’s back and gossiping is a big no-no.

Asking personal questions- Don’t

Unless you have a colleague who is sharing a personal detail with you, never go asking people about rumours you may have heard about them from someone.

Helping others- Do

When you see someone struggling with their work and you know how to fix it, ask them if they need your help. But do not over-step your boundaries and fling your knowledge on them.

Extra snacks to binge on- Do

Yes, current workspace does allow you to share food. So, whenever you get the chance bring some cookies, or good snacks that your work-mates would enjoy and share it among yourselves.

Be a bit early- Do

This will help in getting your mind ready for the day’s work and attending to every little task you need to finish within time.

Be professional- Do

This is a big yes-yes. This means dressing appropriately, meeting deadlines, communicating when you are lagging behind and being upfront with your tasks.

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