Works of director Richie Mehta to watch

Though a few narrations, but each is riveting

A Canadian film director and writer, Richie Mehta, has made only a few feature and documentary films that are unique in subject and narration. Though less in number, the theme and subject of each of his works bring to screen tales adapted from true events or else show the reality as it is. Right from the onset of his career directing his first feature film Amla in 2007 that got nominated for Best Motion Picture and Best Director at the 29th Genie Awards to directing on-screen for the masses of India a spine chilling crime incident that shook the nation, Richie Mehta’s narration style is unlike the rest. Here is presenting some works by Richie Mehta that are a must to watch.


This 2007 Canadian drama film is set in modern-day New Delhi and revolves around a poor autorickshaw driver named Amal Kumar. Initially, the film was released as a short film, but in three years, it was adapted and expanded into a feature film. The plot tells the story of Amal Kumar, played by RupinderNagra, who is an honest and punctual autorickshaw driver.


This 2013 Indian-Canadian drama film narrates the story of an ordinary man while at the same time bringing to screen the grim realities of a common man’s struggles. The film tells the tale of a middle-aged man from Delhi who sends his son to work in a distant place for money. But soon after, things change as his son goes missing from the city, and he has to come to find his son and expects that whoever took him returns him unharmed.

I’ll Follow You Down.

This 2013 Canadian techno-thriller was written and directed by Richie Mehta. The film, set in 2000, follows a professor from Toronto who goes to Princeton for a conference but does not return. His worried and devastated wife and young son Erol eventually presume him dead. However, 12 years later, as the story unfolds, Erol reaches a point where he believes there is a catch in his father’s disappearance.

India in a Day

This is a crowdsourced, feature-length documentary that is produced by Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions, India’s Phantom Films, and Google. The unique concept of the documentary, the footage featured in the film, was submitted by members of the public in India in a single day on 10 October 2015.

Riche Mehta’s series Delhi Crime has won the International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series, the Asian Academy Award for Best Drama Series, and Best Direction in Fiction.

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