World’s Best Chinatowns to Visit

Relegated to the past, here is to unearthing the old-world charm of Chinatowns across the globe

There is no better way to navigate through Chinese culture, as metamorphosed over the centuries, than being a globetrotter and experiencing the authentic flavours of existing Chinatowns

San Francisco, USA: The oldest Chinatown in the US is thriving with diversity and a wider spectrum of beauty. The aesthetic is certain to inspire muses, artists and travellers alike. Visuals are washed with colours, gastronomical delights and iconic fashion. Chinese New Year draws an enthusiast furore in the San Francisco streets.

Lima, Peru: Lima is bustling with Chinese influence which is manifested through cuisine, diction, commercial centres, architecture, no-frills eateries and street corners. Amidst this, the Peruvian experience subtly comes out which perhaps heightens the aesthetic of Lima’s Chinese hub. In the nooks and alleys, you will be greeted with Chinese symbols and buildings lined up with traditional decorations. What really adds to the exuberance is the happy throng jostling to taste the delicacies or shop from the popular corners. Lima is a fabulous shopping destination for spices, tea and paraphernalia.

Manhattan, New York: The ‘New Chinatown’ has a violent history behind it when many immigrants were driven out of west owing to shrinking employment and financial crisis. Chinese settlers, however, sought refuge mainly in three streets—Mott, Doyers and Pell, and the trinity is colloquially known as the Chinatown. Today, the street is decked with major tourist attractions like Mahayana Buddhist Temple near the iconic Manhattan Bridge, confectionary shops, Canal Street with its wild assortment of goods for sale and budget pubs.

Yokohama, Japan: The Chinatown was established towards the fag end of Edo. It revamped the old streets by splashing colours and vibrant culture that the Chinese population brought along. Once flocked by traders, the streets are flanked by countless business ventures, and proudlybear testimony to the commercial boom they once experienced. Since Chinese settlers were confined to stipulated areas, Yokohama is beaming with theatres, schools, community centres and temples dating back to centuries. Ichiba-Dori shopping square is popular with tourists and locals alike.

Manila, Philippines: Manila’s Chinatown that was founded in 1594 is a culinary adventure besides being a commercial intersection of trade operations between Filipinos and Chinese. As you saunter in the alleyways of this Chinese hub, delicious aroma of Filipino-Chinese dishes wafts through the restaurant panes and alleyways. The street is dotted with legendary colonial structures. Ongpin Street and Carvajal Street are renowned for souvenirs, food and jewelleries.

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