World’s Best Flea Markets

World’s best flea shop to get acquainted with the culture and street fashion of the biggest cosmopolitans 

Affordability is one of the reasons why the art of storming a flea market has evolved and survived over the decades. What’s more, the probability of stumbling upon the necessities and cherished possessions further adds to the charm of visiting the market on a day off.

Boston’s Brimfield Antique Show

America’s decade-old antique bazar is an immersive experience into the collectables sold by 6,000 vendors, at merely an hour’s drive from Boston west. To reach Brimfield, dealers, collectors and buyers travel all over the US.

Crowd spills at this show usually held in May, July and September. Open to negotiations and bargains, the exhibition witnesses lakhs of footfall each day. You would never run out of space to collect the dainty and curious objects the show holds up for sale.

Bargainers’ Paradise, Portobello Market

London’s esteemed Portobello Market is the world’s renowned antique market that proudly sells an abundance of collectables ranging from Victorian necklaces to movie posters. If you feel famished browsing the 100 antique stores and bargaining with the 1,000 vendors, the soothing aroma of brewing coffee and breakfast would not let you down.

The market road is picturesque and a visual retreat owing to its colourful stalls at crisscrossed perpendicular streets so replete with the authentic flavours of London.

The Sprawling Chatuchak Weekend Market 

A weekend’s trip to the Chatuchak Market is truly a heavenly relish! The market is bulging with 15,000 + stalls which remain open from Friday night to Sunday. Sprawling across 35 acres, the market is neatly demarcated into sections. Information maps are always handy at any nearby kiosk.

Antiques, home décor, books, clothing and accessories, furniture, handicrafts and ceramics are most visited. The market has been operational since the 1940s and has whopping popularity for being one of the affordable shopping joints in Bangkok where shoppers can haggle to their heart’s content.

El Rastro, A Repository of Hidden Treasures 

In Spain’s Madrid, El Rastro has a charm for sheltering a plethora of cherished items including vintage furniture, souvenirs, records, paella pans, leather items, ceramics, and rural relics besides clothes and accessories lined up in both the actual and pop-up shops.

The market is set every Sunday and on other public holidays displaying a range of items in punk, plush and hippie styles. The amazing collection of second-hand books, clothing, records and furniture has rendered El Rastro an unbeatable destination of interest for travellers and locals alike.

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