World’s Most Colourful Beaches

If beaches are your cup of tea. . .

If you have a knack for indulging in water sports or simply basking in the warmth of bright beach days, adding a tinge of colour to the palette is like the cherry on top. Besides being absolutely picturesque and insta-worthy, these beaches immersed in splashes of bright colours lend magic to your fleeting moments of tranquillity.

Sand Dunes and Ramla Bay, Gozo

In Gozo, Ramla Bay glows in a beautiful reddish-orange tint. The beach spans across a wide stretch of red sand and is perhaps the most gorgeous one in Malta. A visual retreat, the beach offers plenty of resources to try out thrilling water activities or to simply seat under the warm Malta sun. What makes the beach so quaint and offbeat are the cafes and laidback stalls available around the area. You would find sand dunes and terraced walls constructed by farmers that resemble quilts when viewed from a higher level.

Papakōlea Beach, Big Island—A Lullaby

A romantic yet adventurous Hawaiin escape, the vibrant Papakōlea Beach is one of the four green beaches you would find. The beach was a cinder cone volcano after the eruption of which the basalt rock eroded to give a lovely green hue. This green sand beach is still rich in olivine crystals. Another fascinating aspect of visiting this beach is the rugged trek you would need to complete before witnessing the spellbinding beauty of Papakōlea or Hawaiian Diamond, as locals lovingly call it.

The Turquoise Balos Beach, Crete

Holidaying in Greece is incomplete without a day spent at Balos Beach. What distinguishes this beach is the sandy isthmus that demarcates the area—a shallow lagoon on the south and a blue water bay on the northern part. The northern side is most preferred by kids as the water is calm and shallow. The beach is perfect to chill for hours amidst the natural tinctures shining bright under the sun. Rest your feet on the soft, pink sad and enter into a state of trace and reverie.

Looking into a Mirror at Glass Beach, Fort Bragg

A beautiful Californian beach shines in all its glassy glory. What once was a dumping ground is now a pristine area shimmery with all the colourful and glittery pieces of sea glass that have been smoothed by the waves and washed up ashore. Fort Bragg has legendary tales of mythic proportions. Locally, it is believed that mermaids cry tears of sea glasses bathed in prismatic colours which gives the place a fairytale charm. Visitors are always keen on taking a piece as a souvenir.

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