World’s Oldest, Tallest And Biggest Trees

Trees are considered the most diverse and interesting living organisms in the world. How do they grow?, How do they communicate? These are all the questions subjects that fascinate humanity.

Cypress of Abaraq: Oldest tree in Asia

This particular tree is a Cyprus tree located at Abarkuh and estimated to be 4000-5000 years old as per the record Cyprus tree is one of the notable in Iranian history, as well as culture, align with that it makes the oldest tree in Asia. This also appears in Iranian poetry and cravings as a symbol of beauty and life. Legends have acknowledged that ancient prophet Zoroaster has planted the tree during the time when he was travelling spreading his teaching skills.

Methuselah tree: Oldest tree in the whole world

Methuselah is known as a Great Basin bristlecone pine which is now currently 4,852 years old. No one is aware of its exact location in terms of its safety and protection but lies somewhere in the White Mountains of eastern California. Bristlecone pines and Methuselah grow so old due to their biological adaptation in harsh environments, desert regions of the United States. The most interesting fact is that this particular tree thrives in soil wherein other trees struggle to grow to align with that they can lose up to 90% of bark and survive perfectly.

The Hyperion: Worlds’s tallest tree

Hyperion is known as one of the largest trees in the whole world, that is a coastal redwood and located somewhere in Redwood National Park of California. The height of the Hyperion tree is almost staggering 380 feet and along with that, the exact location is still a secret.

The Centurian: World’s tallest eucalyptus

Centurion is one of the world’s largest individual mountain ash trees with a height of 330 feet located in Tasmania, Australia. It has been found that Centurion is narrowly survived a bushfire in the year 2019 but left it standing through slightly singed. The tree got its name Centurion from the 100th tall tree which is registered by an aerial laser.

Arbol Del Tule: Stoutest trunk in the world

California has all kinds of the world’s biggest and largest tree species among which Arbol Del Tule is one of the stoutest trunks that certainly lives up to 1400 years of age. As per the measurement, the diameter of the tree is 30.8 feet.

Trees come in all sizes and shapes with a few amazing facts that start from the tallest type of trees to the world’s oldest one.

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