Xavi Means Business: Know the Strict Rules Imposed on Barca Players

To undo the horrors by former manager Ronald Koeman, Barcelona has brought back former legendary midfielder Xavi as the manager of the club

Barcelona has faced hardship in the past few seasons under the leadership of the manager of Ronald Koeman. To change the club’s disastrous scenario, a few days ago, Barcelona sacked Koeman and hired Xavi as the new manager of the club. A no-nonsense player, Xavi is a former legendary midfielder who has won almost every title there is to win in football.

Now, in 2021, the disciplined La Masia product is here to change Barcelona’s ordeal and to do so, Xavi has introduced 10 strict rules that the players must follow under his regime. So, what are the new rules? Keep reading to know them all.

Arrive early at training- Players have been ordered to reach the training ground 90 minutes before the training begins. Usually, the training begins at 11 a.m. which means all the players must be on the ground by 9:30 a.m. Before the arrival of Xavi, players used to reach the training ground 10 minutes before the session. At times, they were late, but now, those days are gone.

Staff must arrive early- Apart from the players, all the staff that are involved in the training sessions have been ordered to reach the ground early. This will allow the staff to interact with the players and bring discipline that the club has been lacking for a long time.

Eat together- There is a saying: a family that eats together, stays together. Xavi wants all the players to have breakfast and lunch together. This will allow the players to create a bond and they will only eat food selected by the club’s nutritionist.

Fines- A few years ago, the club stopped charging fines from the players for misconduct. However, Xavi has reintroduced fines on the players.

Double trouble- Xavi did not just reintroduce fines, but he also said the fines will be doubled if a player cannot obey his orders. For example, for the first offence; a player will be charged 100 euros. For the second, he will be charged 200 euros and so on.

Apart from the above-mentioned rules, there are five more rules made by Xavi. Players will not be allowed to stay outside beyond midnight, 48 hours before the game. Their selection will be based on their performances and their travelling activities will be monitored. No player will be allowed to take part in any type of adventure sports and last but not the least, players will have to maintain a good image in public.

Rohit Chatterjee

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