Yamaha Registers the Tracer in India

The Japanese manufacturer has registered the Tracer in India which comprises two models in the international market

Japanese manufacturer Yamaha has registered the Tracer in India. As per a report published by Autocar, the registration paper reads:

Application Number: 3532635

Word Marker: Tracer

Appl. No.: 3532635 Class:12

Proprietor: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

Journal No.: 1985-0 Journal Date: 01/02/2021

Status: Accepted & Advertised

The Tracer from Yamaha is one of the most loved touring motorcycles in the international market. At present, there are three possibilities that are likely to happen with the Tracer in India. Yamaha may launch the Tracer 900 or the Tracer 700 that are currently used in the international market. If not, it may design an all-new India specific Tracer for the country. Since the Tracer in the registration paper has been registered without a numerical suffix, we can expect a different and new Tracer for India.

After all, Yamaha has used international nameplates such as the FZ and Fazer in India without launching the international models but by introducing models that are India specific. Not to overlook, there is also a possibility that the upcoming Tracer may not be a model with a higher capacity engine. Instead, it could be based on the FZ25 platform so the Tracer could be launched with a 250cc engine.

In case that happens, we expect the Tracer to act like a mature adventurer tourer with proper half-fairing, upright ergonomics for long comfortable riding and adequate luggage mounting system. Not to forget, a long-travel suspension setup and excellent ground clearance to tackle off-road trails and deep potholes would be highly appreciated.

Back to Tracer 700 and 900, in the following paragraphs; we have written an overview of the two motorcycles.

Tracer 700- The Tracer 700 is powered by a 689cc, two-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valves engines tuned to produce a peak power of 73.77bhp at 9,000rpm and torque figure of 68Nm at 6,500rpm. Mated to a 6-speed gearbox, the weight of the motorcycle is 196 kilograms and offers a mileage between 16 kilometres to 24 kilometres depending on the riding condition.

Tracer 900- Last but not least, the Tracer 900 is powered by an 847cc, three-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valves engine tuned to produce a peak power of 113bhp at 10,000rpm and a peak torque of 87.5Nm at 8,500rpm. If launched in India, the motorcycle will carry a price tag of INR 13.50 lakh.

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