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Yin yoga: what is it? Why is it important?

Yin yoga is a traditional practice that has now become popular due to its enormous health benefits.

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise to keep your body healthy. If you perform yoga, you will be free from various diseases. In today’s fast-paced life, yoga is the perfect alternative to intense workouts in the gym. Yin yoga is a relaxing form of yoga mainly performed to support your mental health as well as physical health. Yin yoga is an ancient form of Chinese yoga practice, however, looking at the benefits it was modernized during the 1980s in America. Those who are unaware of this type, go through this article to know more.

What is referred to as Yin yoga?

Yin yoga is a passive or relaxed type of yoga involving various poses for longer durations. The most crucial part of this yoga is paying attention to the body’s sensations, breaths and thoughts. So, yin yoga basically increases your inner awareness. It is the most gentle type of exercise. According to Chinese medicine, the term ‘Yin’ refers to coolness.

Who should perform yin yoga regularly?

Yin yoga is not specified for only one type of person. It can be performed by anyone. If you are eager to strengthen your mental health, do Yin yoga daily. This is a great way of improving concentration too. If you are in your initial days of yoga practice, you can start with yin yoga. It brings a cooling effect to your body after intense workouts. Moreover, peoplewho have just recovered from serious injuries are advised not to perform any hard exercise. Those people can perform yin yoga as it is less intensive. Yin yoga is one of the best forms of relaxing the body. So, if you are facing stress-related issues, do perform this yoga.

Health benefits of Yin yoga:

According to many physiotherapists, yin yoga provides the best antidote to fast-paced modern life. In today’s world, most people suffer from stress and tension. That leads to other diseases. While performing, Yin yoga interferes with both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. It helps in calming the nerves. Deep or chronic pain can also be relieved. When you are staying in one position for a long period, your concentration will increase and other physical sensations will also arise. Thus, it is the best yoga practice for patients suffering from trauma. According to some research reports, Yin yoga promotes mindfulness while reducing anxiety and stress. Thus, psychologists are suggesting it as a form of psychotherapy. Yin yoga can treat insomnia also. It has also been observed that yin yoga is helpful in reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Yin yoga helps in revitalizing the tissues of your body. It also gives an opportunity to nurture, soothe,  observe, and calm you. Thus it is a must for lovingkindness and self-care.

So, you must start performing yin yoga regularly.

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