Yoga asanas for improved digestion

Feeling bloated and constipated, then must try these asanas

An unhealthy gut and improper digestion is often the root cause of irritated behavior and bad mood throughout the day. Often the causes for poor ingestion are lack of water in the body, no exercise, stress, anxiety, and poor food choices – lacking in fiber. So while one needs to improve on those factors, a little bit of exercise too can go a long way in restoring an unhealthy gut. So here is a list of a few easy to do yoga asanas for a healthy gut and digestion.

Also known as the wind relieving pose helps in eliminating the stomach from gas and other related ailments. At the same time, it helps in improving digestion and strengthens the muscles in the abdomen.

Begin by lying down with your back on the floor. Legs stretched out and hands on either side.

Taking a deep breath, fold your legs at the knee. Now slowly pull your folded legs towards your chest and wrap your arm interlocking your fingers around them.

Hug them tightly, bringing them near your chest. Slowly try to touch your knees with your nose.

Hold this position for about 30 seconds and then return to the original position.

Also known as a child’s pose is really helpful in relieving stress, anxiety and calming the mind. At the same time, it also benefits in shaping thighs, hips, ups the lymphatic system and gives a good rub to the abdominal area.

Begin by sitting down on your heels.

Now, slowly bend forward with your arms stretching straight ahead of you.

Try to touch your chest to your thighs and try not to lift your hips off the heel.

Stay in this position for about a few minutes and then return to the normal position.

This asana helps stretch obliques, belly muscles, shoulders, lower and upper back. By stretching this way it helps the body in alleviating bloating, gas and supports digestion.

Sit comfortably on the floor in a cross-legged position. Place your hands, palm facing down, on either side touching the floor.

Slowly, observing your breath raise your right arm up into the air giving your oblique a soothing stretch. Then gently lean to the other side. Keeping your right forearm on the floor and facing outward.

Stay in this posture for a few breaths and then switch sides and repeat.

A few other asanas are ArdhaMatsyendrasana or Seated Twist and Paschimottasana or seated forward bend pose.

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