Yoga for asthma patients.

Asthma, a serious and painful respiratory problem can be treated with some simple yoga steps.

When your air passage pathway becomes inflamed and narrow, and at the same time swell to produce extra mucus leading to breathing shortness and cough, this situation is known as asthma. There are various reasons for asthma, sometimes it is genetical and many times it is caused by persistent fever, cough, environmental pollution. Although there are some medicines, inhalers to combat the situation, but simple yoga can give you relief from this painful condition. Here is the list of some yoga steps to get relief from asthma.

Dandasana or staff pose:

It is done to stretch your chest and posture, which ultimately strengthens the back and core muscles. In a sitting position, stretch your legs by keeping them together. You should keep your hands on your side all the time. Keep your spinal cord as straight as possible. Try to stay in this position for one minute while breathing deeply. This yoga is simple and effective for your lungs.

Uttarasana or forward bend pose:

This is one of the best exercises for your respiratory system. Uttarasan is also known as calming pose. At first stand straight on your legs. Lift your both arms up and then bend your upper portion of the body to touch the ground. Then free your arms and touch the opposite elbows respectively, so that it looks like your body is hanging. Take at least five deep breaths in this position, then go back to your original position. Uttarasana is helpful for both lungs and back pain. Never try this exercise just after having a meal.

Sukasana pose:

This simple exercise focuses on proper breathing and lungs function. Firstly, you need to sit on the floor while keeping your legs crossing each other. Once you are comfortable, bring both your hands in front of your chest, just like a prayer position. Now place your right palm on your heart and your left palm on the belly. Now, take a deep breath by closing your eyes. Keep this posture for at least five minutes. Some trainers suggest playing some soft music while doing this to focus on your breathing. This is one of the best meditation methods also. Sukasana is believed to reduce stress also. Comfort is the ultimate thing when you do this yoga, so you can sit on a yoga mat or some pillow-like things.

Upavistha Konasana or seated wide-angle pose:

This exercise is performed by sitting against the wall and keeping hands at own side and palms touching the floor. Then, lift your upper body by keeping the bodyweight on your hands. Stretch the legs as much as possible and stay in that position for 30-40 seconds. Never try this exercise with a full stomach. This exercise improves breathing.

Baddhakonasana or Butterfly pose:

It is just another form of relaxing your body. In the sitting position, bend your legs so that it touches both the soles of the feet. Now, hold the toe region by your hands. Keep your body in a forward position by slight bending. Perform 5-6 deep breaths in this posture. This is also a good posture to relax your mind.

Yoga, usually performed slowly, will not only provide you relief, but also make your lungs healthy and strong. It is advisable to discuss with a trainer if you are suffering from asthma and looking forward to starting exercise.

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