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Yoga poses for stress relief.

These yoga poses can help you relax and unwind.

There are wide ranges of yoga asanas to maintain the mind, body, and soul in good spirits. But do you know which yoga poses are the most effective for stress relief? Here are five basic yoga positions for stress management that can help you stay mentally fit in the long run.

Standing Forward Bend pose.

Stress reduction charts are one of Yoga’s most popular stress relievers. Simply raise your arms to the highest position and slowly bend forward while exhaling. You must turn far enough to lay your palms on the floor, and your head must touch your knees. Hold this yoga stance for 6 to 10 breaths, depending on how comfortable your lungs and spine are. After you’ve held the posture for a while, stretch out your arms, elevate them, and gently exhale before returning to standing.

 Easy pose or The Sukhasana

The name ‘Easy Pose’ originates from the fact that you can practise it anywhere, at any time. Simply sit up straight and open your legs in front of your torso. Then slowly cross your legs to bring them closer to your body. While doing this, gently inhale and exhale, and sit up straight so that your spine is stretched, but your neck, feet, and thighs remain relaxed. Stay in the same position for one minute, breathing and exhaling deeply and concentrating on your breath. Then switch your legs’ crosses and continue till you feel some mental calm.

Head to knee Forward Bend or Paschimottanasana

Sit with your legs extended. Bend one of your legs such that the sole of your foot meets the opposite leg’s thigh. The bent leg’s knee must remain on the ground. Inhale while placing your palms on either side of the outstretched leg. While exhaling, lean towards the outstretched leg. In this bent posture, hold for 4 to 6 breaths. Repeat the stance with the opposite leg and hold.

Corpse pose or Savasana

Simply lie on your back, facing the sky/roof, with your arms outstretched and relaxed at your side, at arm’s length. Continue to breathe deeply while feeling the breath in each area of your body, from head to toe. To experience the mental shift, keep doing this head-to-toe breathing concentration for another 5 minutes. This is the most relaxing workout you can perform, and if you fall asleep while doing it, don’t worry. It

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