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You have probably never heard of these unique fruits; check out

We have a small list of rare exotic fruits that you need to try at least for once.

If you're following a healthy diet for quite a long time then you must be a little bored with your everyday fruits, such as apples, bananas, or avocados. We have a small list of rare exotic fruits that you need to try at least for once. If you're wondering what fruits we're talking about and how different they are then read on.


Commonly found in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines this fruit is covered by small dull spikes from the outside, but on the inside it has a mild yellow colored flesh. Some tourists have reported this fruit tastes disgusting as rotten eggs while others like it and said, it tastes like a mixture of vanilla cream and whipped cream together. What would be your opinion if you try this fruit?


Also known as Purple Mangosteen, this adorable small fruit is also found in Southeast Asia and is very difficult to grow. It is a tropical fruit and can be found in the market during the early spring season and early autumn seasons. Its beautiful white flesh is juicy and tastes like a combination of pineapple, peach, and lychee even though another group of people said it tastes only sweet and sour.


This fruit does not look like it grows on our planet at all, but planet Blue is full of wonders. Also known as Horned Melon, this unique melon has bright yellow or orange-colored spiky skin and bright green flesh with an abstract pattern on them. Kiwano Melons are said to taste very mild and similar to cucumber but when ripened this melon tastes slightly close to a banana. Besides its taste, this fruit has several health benefits, such as cleaning blood, reducing belly fat and high blood pressure, and promoting blood sugar control.

Buddha's Hand:

Buddha's Hand aka Fingered Citron is odd looking that looks like a praying hand but is made with lemon. The origin of this fruit is not clearly known but still it is native to India and other Asian countries. Like all the other citrus fruits it's filled with vitamin C so this fruit is also considered to be a member of the citrus fruit family. Fingered Citron tastes like a combination of Meyer Lemon and Yuzu Lemon. Native people use this fruit to make tarts, candies, pastries, tiramisu, and other desserts. This citrus fruit can be eaten raw as well.