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Your Cure to Early Morning Sickness

Forced to stay in bed due to early morning blues? Try these easy cures instead.

Incorporating lifestyle changes along with trying out these remedies is equally indispensable to beat down the overwhelming feeling of morning sickness.

Reduce Junk Food and Caffeine 

Excess oil fried junk food and caffeine consumption triggers the release of acid which aggravates morning sickness. Try opting for salty, low-fat, heavy on carbs and high protein foods which minimise health disruptions. Eating in small quantities and at frequent intervals will keep nausea in check. Also, make sure you are not going on empty stomach since that hardly deals with sickness but instead worsens the unpleasant feeling and dizziness.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is essential especially when you tend to reel under nausea. Besides maintaining a healthy intake of water, staying disciplined with fruit juices is an active remedy. In the morning, a fresh cup of lemon juice added with a pinch of salt and sugar has the potential to help you stay afloat and curb the daunting feeling of nausea. Besides lemon, you have the option of trying ginger juice and mint leaves to thwart off approaching sickness.

Treat Yourself to Aromatherapy

 Lemon, mint and orange can eliminate nausea. Try using tissue or cotton balls replete with this fragrance whenever you feel uneasy. Besides, essential oils like lavender, ginger, peppermint, fennel, spearmint and cardamom are pretty instrumental in alleviating nausea. These anti-nausea agents can be infused with other carrier oils to ease you into a relaxing and rejuvenating state. If you are prone to anxiety and stress, aromatherapy is an excellent choice as you leisure in the early hours.

Brew a Hot Cuppa

Peppermint tea is traditionally known to aid digestion and reduce pangs or lingering sense of discomfort. As a herbal tea, it is relished the best when stirred with honey and chocolate. What makes peppermint tea an ideal choice are the host of health benefits the daily cuppa offers. Besides fighting nausea, it relieves migraine attacks, unclog sinuses, re-energises, wards off daytime lethargy and improves sleep. A freshly brewed cup is a wholesome remedy to the prolonged feeling of lethargy.

Ask for Supplements

Vitamins and supplements when consumed under expert supervision help with the asphyxiating feeling of nausea. Iron supplements and Vitamin C with your daily glass of fruit juices actively restore heath.

Try Exercising

 Light exercises are pretty helpful to keep in check signs of nausea. Go for an extra mile of walking, light toga and swimming. If you have special physical conditions and ailments, always consult with a physician and supervisor before you plunge into routine exercises.

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