Your travel guide to the beautiful city of Mexico

Go for its shiny aura, traditional Mexican cuisines and music

Situated in the southern portion of North America, Mexico is a country known for its people, food, and bright sunny architecture. The world’s 13th-largest country by area, Mexico is the 10th-most-populous country and has the most Spanish-speakers. This country is slowly becoming the favourite vacation destination for people from all over the country, who are attracted to Mexico’s scenery, sandy beaches, rich cultural heritage, and wonderful sunshine. Holding a history wide and vast, many monumental buildings are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So if you plan to make your next holiday destination Mexico, read on to find out the places to visit.

Must visit the local markets

There is no town in Mexico City that is not hustling with the local markets that creep up on the streets. Every market is diverse for the traditional food and souvenirs that they have to offer. One of the best markets to visit is the Mercado Ciudadela, known for handmade textiles and artwork. The second must-visit market would be Oaxaca’s Mercado Benito Juárez for its local cuisines such as ground coffee beans and juices. Also to visit is Mecardo Santa Ana in Merida to taste the Yucatecan cuisine.

ChichénItzá: The Mayan Metropolis

These are the remains of Chichen Itza, a large pre-Columbian city that was built by the Maya people of the Terminal Classic period. One of Mexico’s most visited archaeological sites, one can witness the massive El Castillo, aka the Pyramid of Kukulkán, 30 meters high. This site comes under the UNESCO World Heritage Site and also houses around a 1,000-year-old observatory. Another interesting thing is the statue of the famous Mayan Chacmools with a strong grip of their sacrificial vessels to protect the old temples.


This is the capital of Jalisco and presents a unique and well-conserved mix of colonial and native Tapatíos influences in its architecture. The city is home to scenic parks, and old buildings noted for their European flair. Guadalajara is also known for the traditional Mexican culture, right from traditional music to foods. The best to go around this city would be on foot. The perfect place to start the tour would be Plaza de Armas, as it houses the 17th-century Government Palace and Baroque Guadalajara Cathedral that was built between 1558 and 1616.

The other places would be Cancún and the Mayan Riviera, Mérida, Oaxaca, and Historic Morelia.

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