Your Travel Itinerary for Hampi

The beauty of Hampi is in its ruins spread across miles of the undulating terrain that previously was the territory of the Vijayanagara kings

Traverse through the derelict, old-world charm of Hampi. The ancient town in Karnataka dates back to the 14th century and should be best visited during the colder Indian months, October-February.

Architectural Wonder, Hampi’s Temples: Sacred complexes equipped with separate markets are dotted across the town. Virukpaksha temple is a magnificent example of Hampi’s architectural splendour. Stone structures and majestic pillars deck the temple complex. Vitthala and Achyutaraya temples are unique testimony to the royal architectural styles that flourished during the reign of Vijayanagara era. While you are on a temple survey spree, do not miss out on Hazara Rama Temple that once hosted ceremonies of the royalties.

Grandeur of Lotus Mahal: A majestic palace girdled by Zenana enclosure, Lotus Mahal was reserved for the royal women of Vijayanagara Dynasty. Colloquially known as Kamal Mahal or Chitragani, Lotus Mahal has survived the many plunders and devastations that Hampi has experienced. Since photography is allowed inside the premises, it is a unique opportunity to freeze your rendezvous with history.

Mellow Cacophony of Hampi Bazar: One of the many vibrant marketplaces that sustain the quaint town, Hampi Bazar is beaming with knick-knacks, traditional jewelleries, souvenirs, handcrafted art and a few imported, precious objects. Street shopping in Hampi is distinctly different as you stroll through the lanes and see the captivating beauty of the setting sun. Locals are mostly dependent on tourism for their livelihood. The Bazar is well connected with major intersections which makes your journey to here pleasant.

Tranquillity of Anjaneya Hill: The hill is believed to the birthplace of Lord Hanuman and overlooks the mighty Tungabhadra River. Anjaneya and its adjacent places have a rhythm of their own – unmindful to the occurring of the modern world. On climbing the hills, you will be offered a breakthtaking view of the ruins scattered down and reeking of the bygone glories. On reaching the top, you realise why Anjaneya once retained such strategic importance to become the capital of Vijayanagara Dynasty,.

Octagonal Queen’s Bath: The colossal royal bath is about 500 years old and stands erect in abandonment and magnanimity. As you step inside the enclosure, you are instantly pulled by the charisma of royal high corridors, ornate designs, projecting balconies and the clear blue sky sparkling above. It is an open structure now but once had a wooden canopy which is said to have been burnt down.

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